Gerald Lee Jordan MBA, MEd, MCouns


My Obsession with Process

I love the process as much as the result. When I start writing, I want to know how everything goes together and if I see an issue with the process, I can get bogged down and the result is slower in coming. It is an obsession of mine.

Multiple Projects

I have been working on creating mobile apps, on creating e-books and a number of other things, but I haven’t been very happy with the process. I like working in code editors. They make corrections, auto-completion and a number of other things an absolute pleasure. I also like working in versioning control, such as GIT. This allows me to have every version of my work available for review or historical reasons. While I am working with e-book editors, I also like publishing to the web. It is so much easier and practical. I have been working on my workflow, trying to get all of these things working together to my liking.

Partial Solution

So, I have found a process in the last week or so that - while not completely suitable - ticks a few of the boxes. I am working in Visual Studio Code (yes, a Microsoft product and I love open source, but I got used to it while creating apps). I am able to write anything (including what you are reading now). I can create website content like this, I can create apps, I can create content for e-books, etc. I have all of the benefits of coding editors.

Adding GIT

Next, I have tied in this editor with GIT (Github). This allows me to push all of my work to repositories where every version is saved. I love being able to go back through my work and this allows me draft copies of everything.

Publishing to the Web

Finally, I am able to push to my websites from my GIT repositories. So, most of my sites (including this one) are served from my GIT repositories.

Next Steps

I type what I want in the editor of my choice, save to GIT and publish to the wider web. Sweet. Next thing? Automate production of epub files from this sort of content. I have experimented a bit and can do this, but I want more control over the formatting of final documents. A work in progress!