Gerald Lee Jordan MBA, MEd, MCouns

Wellington Grief And Bereavement Counselling

Listening to my heart

My heart has been drawn to grief and bereavement work for a number of years. Counselling is my passion and within this I have felt the pull towards helping those suffering through the loss of loved ones. How does this look?

Grief and Bereavement Counselling

There are a number of counselling techniques and modalities that can help those learning to live with loss and one of the ones I have been recently exploring is “Re-membering” from Narrative Therapy. I will write a bit about this, but this approach allows individuals to focus on the memories of the lost loved one (or the person with whom the relationship was problematic). I will be working on this topic on this site a bit.

Wellington Counselling

If you have experienced a loss and are having difficulty coping, contact us to see how we might be able to help. You don’t need to suffer alone!