Wellbeing Wellington

Wellbeing Consulting Wellington

In addition to counselling services, consulting in wellbeing utilising the research base of Positive Psychology is available with Therapy Aroha Ltd.

Positive Psychology is a 21st Century approach to mental health which emphasises what is required for good mental health. This approach is in contrast to the traditional medical pathology model of earlier psychological approaches.

Wellbeing Training Services

Services include the creation of e-learning materials in wellbeing for business, government, schools and universities. Staff specialisations and experience in mental health counselling and e-learning mean that our staff are able to consult with you to determine your training needs and help create content for improving the mental wellbeing of your staff, students, clients and others.

Wellbeing Courses and Workshops

If you are looking for blended solutions, utilising online and in-person wellbeing solutions, we are able to facilitate and support your efforts in Wellington or throughout New Zealand.

Wellbeing Contacts

To find out how we can help you, email hello@therapyaroha.com with your initial details and we can discuss ways to support your wellbeing efforts.