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At the start of the 21st Century, a few psychologists realised what had already kept many of us out of traditional psychology - that there was an emphasis on pathology in psychology. A field of study that grew primarily out of medicine could be excused for looking at what is broken, but there was a realisation by those like Martin Seligman that psychology lacked a focus on what was needed for us to live our best lives.


While many of us think of philosophy as emphasising abstract ideas, its earliest focus was extremely practical - what was the good life and how could we live it? Because of this focus, there are many philosophical works that are very relevant to our 21st Century search into what the good life entails. One example is Stoicism, which will be discussed on this site. There are also more current schools in philosophy that can help in this quest, such as Existentialism. Eastern philosophies, including Buddhist psychologies are also in the mix when we think of the good life. So much for us to consider here!

Wellbeing Advisor

So, with this new emphasis on what it means to be well in psychology and the wealth of support from philosophies, what does "therapy" look like? One of the things that will be promoted on this site is the role of the wellbeing advisor, which includes the research basis of Positive Psychology and the rich traditions of philosophy (both Western and Eastern). What this role looks like will be discussed here, so get ready to go on this journey together!

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