The Benefits of Meditation – Recognising Static

What good is meditation

A number of people over the last weeks have been asking me about meditation and what it brings. Yesterday, a mate asked me the benefits of meditation and I thought of this question through the day and again while on the train this morning. Answering this question is not easy – perhaps something like explaining Van Gogh to someone who cannot see. While the experience – and the experience is not limited to the sitting practice itself – is not easy to explain, perhaps a few things can be highlighted. At this point, I will emphasise one thing – background noise.

Experiencing meditation throughout your life

When you meditate, the “goal” is not to reach some mystical state for a few moments while sitting. The “point” – if there is one – is to take what happens in meditation into the rest of life. What does this mean? Perhaps an example will help.

Learning to recognise the static

When you centre the mind, you see random thoughts as not you. You see ideas arise and fall. They are inconsequential. They are, importantly, not you. This awareness expands and you learn to interact with others in the same fashion. You see their thoughts arise and fall, too. You see their essence as so much more than the random comments that come and go. You learn to distinguish the music from the background noise – the static.

Listening to the music

So much is static. So much is distraction when your mind is not focused. What is one benefit/effect of meditation? Learning to distinguish the static from the song. Focusing on the beauty of the music, rather than getting lost in the background noise. There are so many beautiful songs around us.

Aroha nui,

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Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns ❤️