Gestalt Therapy Verbatim

When I wanted an introduction to Gestalt Therapy, this book was one of my first acquisitions. When I was a counselling student, I had seen the 1960s videos of Perls, Rogers and Ellis counselling Gloria (these videos are a rite of passage for counselling students). Like most, my first instinct was to support the idea that Rogers was most effective – with Perls insulting and condescending to Gloria (and Ellis – to use a modern expression – “mansplaining”). Although Perls seemed a bit harsh and rude, I sensed there was something more to what he was achieving. So, I began to research Gestalt Therapy (and I have come around to believing that Perls was the most effective therapist with Gloria – a topic for another post).

Other texts are more theoretical. This one is Uncle Fritz sitting in a chair and talking to his students (followers). You might want to read a bit of theory first, so that you can jump into this in a similar mindset to those in the room with Fritz.

Noba Project

Would you like to learn Psychology for free? Does the idea of commercial textbooks seem antiquated and ridiculous? Well, the Noba Project have a resource you might want to check out!

Head over to and see the resources and if you want to collect the topics together into your own online “books” – or if you are an instructor and want to collect into books for your students – sign up and get started.

I came across this site the other day, as I was looking at starting another course. The text listed in the syllabus for the course was a curated link to Psychology topics on Noba Project.

You can find the Psychology modules listed at