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This site is where I discuss mental health, both my own and my efforts to help others. Topics include my own experiences with mental health issues, my successes in dealing with these issues, mental health topics generally, various therapeutic approaches and anything else that interests me in this area.

Some of my successes have involved developing a meditation (mindfulness) practice, utilising compassion focused mindfulness - also known as loving-kindness meditation or metta meditation - applying Existential and Stoic philosophies in my own life and a number of other things. These efforts and insights will have a prominent place in the content of this site.

About Me

I began counselling in the early 1980s while in high school. I then studied theology at university. I spent some years teaching in volunteer and part-time settings and then completed a Master of Education. After experiencing my own personal mental health stressors, I then did a Master of Counselling course. So, I have been an educator, a counsellor, a meditator (since 2003) and a number of other things. I bring this experience to my counselling and training.

Lee Jordan

About Therapy Aroha Ltd

I began counselling many years ago, but during the COVID-19 lockdown in Aotearoa New Zealand, I felt that my work needed to take a new direction - an emphasis on compassion training. Therapy Aroha Ltd grew out of this realisation that good mental health is more than just sorting out our perceptions, but also involves growing our capacities for empathy, compassion and kindness.

Therapy Aroha

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Wishing you the best of mental health!

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