Android Studio

Android Studio is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the creation of Android apps and is based on IntelliJ IDEA.

I began app development with Apple years ago, but as Android has so much of the market, I have realised that it is better to start again with a different IDE, programming language and platform.

Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide – August 2018

Android: 76.82%
iOS: 20.45%
Unknown: 1.23%
Windows: 0.4%
Samsung: 0.28%
Series 40: 0.23%

(Source:, Accessed 27 Sept 18)

So, now I am in Android development and will provide resources for app development on this site, as I work my way through the IDE.

Android Studio is found at

IntelliJ IDEA is found at

Graduate Diploma in Arts (Psychology) is next for me

I already have five qualifications, but when I began thinking about doing a Psychology degree, it just felt right for me. I have a Master of Counselling and don’t actually *need* another degree to do the work I love, but I have always attempted to excel at what I do and additional studies in mental health is very exciting! So, in addition to my continuing reading in counselling and therapy topics, I will be doing a Graduate Diploma in Arts (specialising in Psychology).

Some great reading ahead! I have already bought the first two texts for the course, which starts next year.

Here’s to the journey!

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placebo effect

The opposite of the nocebo effect, the placebo effect involves a person’s expectations of the perceived positive effects of medication or other treatments. When a positive effect is expected, the psychological expectations of the individual can bring about even greater positive effects than what would otherwise exist (if any). These effects are assumed to be psychogenic in nature.

nocebo effect

The opposite of the placebo effect, the nocebo effect involves a person’s expectations of the perceived negative effects of medication or other treatments. When a negative effect is expected, the psychological expectations of the individual can bring about even greater negative effects than what would otherwise exist (if any). These effects are assumed to be psychogenic in nature.

Noba Project

Would you like to learn Psychology for free? Does the idea of commercial textbooks seem antiquated and ridiculous? Well, the Noba Project have a resource you might want to check out!

Head over to and see the resources and if you want to collect the topics together into your own online “books” – or if you are an instructor and want to collect into books for your students – sign up and get started.

I came across this site the other day, as I was looking at starting another course. The text listed in the syllabus for the course was a curated link to Psychology topics on Noba Project.

You can find the Psychology modules listed at

My 48th Birthday

May, 2015

It was my 48th birthday and I went to pick up my son from after school care. Once he was in the car, I mentioned my birthday and below was the wonderful gift he gave me.

Don’t get so caught up in your work, your worries or other relatively unimportant things. Raise your head and look around. You might just see those you love.

Van Gogh – The Spiritual Guide

I was with my son in Paris in July. It was a great trip. I wanted him to see the world. When he was young, he had wanted to be an artist and I decided way back then that I would take him to the art galleries of Europe and beyond.

Art and therapy from Van Gogh
I was standing in front of this self-portrait of Van Gogh

Standing in front of Vincent at Musée d’Orsay was a highlight of the trip. As we looked at Vincent, I said something to my son like, “You will see this photo and others here the rest of your life, in books and online. At this moment, you are standing in front of beauty. Cherish this moment.” I was speaking to him. I was speaking to myself.

Artist as therapist
Lost in the moment, while viewing the stars

I stood before the stars Vincent had seen and captured and was lost to the world. While the room was crowded, there was no one else there but Vincent and me. Eventually, my son broke through and I took this photo. There are things and moments that transcend time, when we stop questioning – when we are at peace.

Van Gogh and Jack
Van Gogh and my son Jack

I wanted to remember this moment forever. I asked my son to stand in front of this work and I attempted to capture just enough of him.

Van Gogh perspective
Van Gogh perspective with my son

A teenage girl next to Jack exclaimed in English that she had seen this painting on “Doctor Who” and she and my son shared a moment together. I then watched him, as he took a photo and took one of my own.

Some would consider the life of Vincent Van Gogh as a sad one. I see the beauty that he gave us and take joy in knowing that he was here and joy in his gifts to us. Some people feel deeply and suffer for it. Vincent was able to reach out through his pain and communicate in a way few others have rarely approached. I celebrate his life!

There is a beautiful moment from “Doctor Who”, when The Doctor and companion take Vincent to the future – (2010) to see how his works were received. A man who would die alone with no idea that he had a positive effect on the world was able to see how very much he gave us. Do you ever try to project into the future and imagine the ripples in time of your existence? Do you ever try to live in such a way that you can be remembered fondly?