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NFTs and Certificates, Transcripts and Degrees

Using NFTs to prove educational accomplishments

Have you tried to share proof of your qualifications? Do you have to approach your providing institution and have them send copies to another party? Are you able to use PAPER copies for some purposes? Doesn't this all seem incredibly antiquated? Shouldn't you just be able to send a link to your qualifications online?

NFTs can provide a modern way for you to reference your qualifications, by placing a representation of your accomplishments on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain as a non-fungible token, so that others can see and confirm your qualifications online.

Your accomplishments belong to you, not to an issuing institution! You should have complete control over your certificates, transcripts, qualifications and degrees.

Looking forward to the future of NFTs in proving educational experiences!

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Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns

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Gerald Lee Jordan I am a dad, husband, technologist, educator, meditator and many more things. I have three passports and Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand are home. I also spend time in other places, including México. You can find out more about me here.

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