Gerald Lee Jordan MBA, MEd, MCouns

Mental Health Practice

Counselling Practice

I love counselling. I love it because it brings purpose. I come from a line of carers and this is part of who I am. I love it because it allows me to use my gifts, including empathy, insight and compassion. I love it because it makes a difference for others.

Sadly, I get distracted by other things. Some of the things are interests, but most help to pay the bills. Counselling is undervalued. Mental health is undervalued. People suffer in silence, mostly. Governments do not prioritise mental health. What this means is that those who are drawn to this area of helping receive very little support - financial, educational or otherwise. You have to really want to be involved in mental health to stay in it, because it can be tough to get by.

A Friend Suffering

Today, I realised that a friend from back in high school suffered from mental health issues within the last two years. I had images of him as that laughing, sensitive kid and today I saw him struggling with a great deal online. He and I are not social media contacts, so I didn't follow what was happening with him at the time, but today I saw posts over months which went from the (seemingly) happy family, to depression, divorce, jail and homelessness within months. There are no further posts visible since late 2018 and I can only guess what might have happened since.

Thinking About the Future

There is so much suffering in the world - both for those we know and love and so, so many others. Life is too short not to reach out. I am spending today in one of those moods where I feel I am at a crossroads.