Gerald Lee Jordan MBA, MEd, MCouns


George’s father said he wasn’t worth the air he sucked down his lungs. George seemed OK in spite of this, except for the odd twitch and his seemingly perverse love for Amanda. Amanda loved being adored. She also loved that she had the upper hand. She didn’t love George, so could pursue whatever agenda she preferred. She even made the effort to pretend during sex.

She had seriously tried with other men, but she lacked the imagination to climax. All she could do was feel the friction and imagine that it was nice. It wasn’t George’s fault. No one had taken her there. Amanda was quite generous in this regard with George and would scream and squirm to make him happy. At those moments, George felt the universe was perfect. Amanda couldn’t wait for it to be over.

George was a romantic. He needed something. He imagined that love was what made live worth living and that his father just didn’t understand love - not like he and Amanda had. He pitied his father and tried to be kind, especially when told that his own existence was a mistake. George gently cared for his father during the last few months of his life, returning home each evening to give it to Amanda. She pretended a bit more these months in pity to George. She considered herself an actress.

At the funeral of George’s father, Amanda shed tears, further proving to George that she loved him. Everything was perfect for George. His father was dead and he was living with his beloved.

One day, George came home and everything was gone. George had $2.87 in his pocket and the clothes on his back. In the empty apartment was a note with “My Dearest” on the envelope. George curled up in a ball on the floor next to where he found the note and cried for days. Eventually, the neigbours called the police. The wailing was unbearable.

The police arrived to find George in a pool of piss and shit. The smell was almost too much for them, but even more shocking was the look of George’s swollen face. He had cried so much that his eyes were almost swollen shut. A social worker was brought in to help George get back on his feet.

What was the use, he wondered? He decided that he would kill himself on Thursday. There was a bridge with glorious views nearby, where he could blissfully watch the sunset with his legs hanging off the railing - like he had done many times with Amanda - and then he could jump. He was happy for the first time in weeks. He even shocked his social worker by cleaning his house. It was absolutely spotless. In fact, it hadn’t been this imaculate since George moved in five years ago.

George was allowed back at work - he was a good worker - once the social worker advised that he had been having some difficulty. To be honest, no one had missed him and some hadn’t noticed he was gone. Everyone pretended to be glad to have him back and felt smug for making the effort.

The week was perfect. George worked diligently and there was talk of a promotion. The apartment was spotless and George even made effort to talk to the neighbours. Amanda returned, after being dumped by a fellow who realised she couldn’t climax. For a moment, George was shocked, but he remembered that he was jumping on Thursday, so he graciously welcomed Amanda back into the apartment.

Amanda was ashamed and also shocked by the transformation in George. He was witty, happy and extremely gracious. As the days went on, she began to finally have feelings for George. He sensed this and returned her affection. These were the happiest days of George’s and Amanda’s lives. Amanda would look back on this time longingly. She had dinner waiting each night for George.

He tied her down and fucked her Tuesday night until she lost all sense. She lost her sense of control and in a foggy hazy, she climaxed for the first time. It was terrifying and perfection. She had to have it again. Twice more that night she released. She knew she loved George.

Thursday evening came. Amanda had dinner waiting. She was so looking forward to George coming home. She had even bought something in red she knew he would like. There was soft music playing in the background while she made dinner with her hair down. There were candles on the table. Amanda sat and waited for George to come home.

George jumped.