Developing Aroha

Confused notions of love

Love for yourself feels indulgent. Your mind tells you that love is selfless, that it means focusing on others before yourself. This martyr view of love means that we think we need to deny ourselves in order to love. Nothing could be further from how love exists and thrives.

Imagining a world where love thrives

Imagine another kind of love – a kind of love that is gentle, compassionate, forgiving, encouraging. Imagine living in a world where people share this love for one another, where people project this love to all they meet. How could this be achieved?

Loving the person with whom you are most intimate

You have the chance to live in this love every day, even if you are alone. You can see the person in the mirror and realise that this person needs love. You can feel compassion for this person. You can be gentle and kind, knowing this person is as worthy as anyone else of love. When you love this person, you are in a gentle and compassionate space to reach out to others.

Opening your heart to all

Love does not distinguish. All beings can be the object of love, including ourselves.

Love nurtures love

Start a love affair that will last a lifetime by looking at the person in the mirror and imagining this person as worthy of love. The love you share with this person will radiate out to others.

Aroha nui,

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Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns ❤️