Working Backward

Evolution is bullshit,
If you have a simplistic view of moving “forward”.
Devolving is the way of humanity,
Excluding those who can pursue an education.

Going into the shop,
Paying for something,
Staff can’t make change.
Addition and subtraction beyond the means of adults.

One pumps petrol,
Another goes to university.
One has a baby as a child,
Another has first child at thirty-five.

Dad went to university,
Son pumps gas.
Mother was an accountant,
Daughter works a cash register.

The “modern” world wants workers,
The modern world needs workers,
The modern world needs cheap labour in shitty jobs,
It might as well be you.

Not everyone can be a doctor,
Not everyone can be an accountant.
Not everyone can be a lawyer.
The system needs shit workers
and it is good for the system that many lack the initiative,
to do more than clean tables and toilets.

They taunt you with the bullshit idea that you can do anything,
But really only want you to be the cheap labour which keeps them on top.

Don’t try,
Don’t have a dream,
Don’t think beyond the next paycheck,
The next big screen television,
The next six pack of watered down beer.

Stay in your slumber,
Soon you will be dead and it won’t matter.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
12 February 2013