What Exists Below

In the depths of the Earth resides the remains,
Of pain and strife and agonies,
When atrocities and grief take place above,
They seep through the ground,
Like toxins through the skin.
The poisons seem to be gone from above,
But they coalesce below,
Bubbling, simmering, pressure building.

Fools think their actions have no results,
Our kind suffer,
Others who share this world suffer,
The Earth suffers.

The pressure builds,
As we go in blissful ignorance.
Much has been taken,
And much will be returned.

Boils arise on the surface,
Attempts to release what does not belong.
Like insects we build on shifting sand,
And abuse Terra when she refuses to do the bidding,
Of the pests which infect her flesh.

What we have created will come back to us.
The end of man is not the end of the World.

Gerald Lee Jordan
27 December 2012
Diamond Harbour NZ