Bottom of the can,
Bottom of the bucket,
Edge of the field,
Last to be picked.
The world has it in for you, man.

A huge, fucking conspiracy,
or so it seems.

You wonder what is wrong with you,
Why are they so fucking cruel?
Is it something about you?
Do you deserve what they do and say?

Fuck them!
The problem is not with you.
The problem is with those soul-less cunts,
Who are afraid to look within,
So they focus their rage and self-loathing on another,
On you.

You are beautiful.
There is no one else in this huge, motherfucking world like you.
Your beauty and greatness shine for those who can see.
You have the potential to be so much more than you realise.

Just don’t, don’t, don’t . . .
Become a fucking cunt like them.
Take what they say,
and let it roll off your back.
Don’t accept the rage,
but rather feel sympathy for them.
Realise that the problem is theirs and give them pity.

You are the result of millions, billions, countless beautiful and hideous things.
You will only be here awhile,
So enjoy who you are and reach for what you long to be.

Leave them in the gutter,
where they belong.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
08 February 2013