The Religionist

Walks past a half constructed puzzle and is still not convinced,
that this might actually be a puzzle.
More bones are needed he claims,
But won’t be convinced,
Even if he sees the completed puzzle before his eyes.

Sees jagged peaks and old, worn down mountains,
Claims both are the same age.
When queried about this,
Tries to come up up with an excuse,
“Perhaps the gods made one look older to fool you.”
At the time his creation myth begins,
His deities were trying to create with the intent to confuse.
Those he creates and tries to look up to,
Have his same confused and dishonest views.

Shown dinosaurs and other bones,
Claims that they are of recent origin.
Others laugh, when they try to imagine his dinosaurs recently interacting with man.

Shown layers of earth in a canyon,
Signs of soil and ash being deposited over millions of years,
Imagines this another recent creation.

Humanity will not progress with such primitive superstition common.
When these people have gone their way,
This race can begin the task of our mental evolution.
Some have already begun to evolve and look at this sub-species,
as our ancestors looked on the Homo neanderthalensis.
Were they sad to watch the Neanderthal disappear?
Perhaps they watched with satisfaction,
As we watch the religionists diminish in numbers.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
26 February 2013