The Graveyard Shift

Fifteen years old and a waitress,
working the late shift,
so her parents can watch the sleeping baby.
Beautiful but filled with sorrow,
Given up on anything better.

She opened her legs,
When she should have opened her mind.
A few minutes on her back,
And she will spend the rest of her life on her feet.

She will grow to be an adult,
With such to influence her.

I pity her,
Find her attractive too,
I could use her like the others,
But I am only fourteen
and not ready for the world she has entered.

Years later, I reflect back on this beautiful and tragic child,
Trying to imagine who she has become,
Those stupid enough to believe that all have equal opportunity,
Have neither made enough bad choices themselves,
Nor been the benefactor of those mistakes by others.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
11 February 2013