The flame

In the darkness,
The deep void,
It bursts into existence.
Stretching into the night.
Sharing itself,
Creating shadows where it meets the abyss.

To protect it,
To nurture it,
To keep the darkness at bay,
Becomes all consuming.

No memory of what existed before,
Fear of what will be after,
Defining all in its presence
And its interaction with its negation.

So many threats –
Rain, the wind, the loss of its fuel.
At first it is imagined to have always been,
Then it is imagined that its fuel will last forever.
There are whispers in the darkness about the end,
But these cannot be believed.

Then, in a terrifying moment it is realised that its fuel
Will not last forever,
That in time it will go out,
Lost in the darkness,
As if it had never been.
Slow bitter acceptance.
Settling into the fear.
Trying to imagine the coming darkness.

Will it be painful?
Will there be awareness?
Or will all cease with the darkness?
To be feared?
To accept as a warm embrace on a Winter’s night?
No way to know.

Only to watch the light flicker,
To remember how it once danced in the night.
Not to turn away,
But to bask in those last, precious moments,
Before being swallowed by the night.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
11 January 2013