She will hold onto this guy,
until the next guy comes alone.
She is on the lookout for the next partner,
but keeps this fact to herself.
They size her up for sex,
while she sizes them up for suitability –
suitability to walk on her arm,
suitability to fix her car,
suitability to present to her friends,
suitability to support her financially,
suitability to fuck her,
suitability as a sperm donor.

All relations with men,
excluding the deformed and those she has otherwise rejected,
involves a dance –
the dance of suitability.

She speaks in the most positive terms of her current partner,
until she decides upon another.
Then the previous partner is full of flaws and unworthiness.
Unable to accept her true motivations and the reality that he has not changed,
She projects her shame and culpability onto him
and the next bloke is willing to believe her claims,
for the chance to get into her box.

She believes – is desperate to believe – that life is a fairytale,
She imagines her wedding day as being the beginning,
but when the realities of life sink in,
she treats her Prince Charming with scorn.
It is his fault that her life has not turned out as she wished.

Living in illusion,
she jumps from one illusion to another.

Do not try to understand her,
for as long as your worldview is based upon honesty with self,
honesty with others,
belief in the innate goodness of others,
you will be unable to fathom her motivations.

Consider yourself fortunate that you cannot understand her,
that she has moved on to another –
that poor bastard!

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
05 March 2013