She stands on the corner

She stands on the corner,
looking at me.
Her penetrating eyes,
questioning, offering.
Nothing to give,
but herself.
She could be mother, sister, daughter.
She could be ridden with disease.

Is she so different to wife or girlfriend?
Do they not charge as well?
Perhaps she is more honest.
Standing there honestly,
offering her wares for sale.
No strings attached to this,
except perhaps a sexually transmitted disease.
Girlfriend, though, could also have this.

Doesn’t she deserve the respect of any business person?
Doesn’t she deserve the protection afforded to a banker, baker or accountant?

Some say her offer is dishonest,
but what man has not received an equally dishonest offer,
from one cherished?

She is beautiful,
she is honest,
she is generous.
Perhaps she will like it.
Perhaps I can give something back to her.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
07 January 2013