Religion is

Religion is a fraternity joke,
From the boys at Bethlehem University.
Thought up over a goat-skin of wine,
A prank for the ages.

Religion is a trumped up charge,
From the town bike in Nazareth.
No idea who the father was,
So no sense claiming the noblest in town,
When you can blame god himself.

Religion is a tool of sadists,
With murderous Saul leading the pack.
No reason to look for work,
When with appeals to superstition,
You can live off the backs of slaves.

Religion is an appeal to the basest nature of man,
Who would rather be guided by fear,
By shame of self,
By hatred of others,
Rather than looking for the good,
Within and without.

Religion is the codification,
The sanctification,
The organisation,
The institutionalisation,
Of all that is weak,
And fearful in man.

Religion is a joke of the gods,
Who – if they existed – would be laughing,
At the gullibility of man.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Banks Peninsula NZ
17 February 2013