The fool who refers to a poet as “negative”,
“depressing” or “dark”,
doesn’t understand the creative process,
for there is no act more optimistic,
more life-affirming,
more hopeful,
than the act of creation.

Picking up a pen,
or sitting at a keyboard,
it is a wish –
a wish for something better,
a desire to bring something else into the world,
something which somehow,
in some small way,
makes existence better,
for at least one of us.

When I hear such comments,
I pity the locutor,
Their lack of insight,
Their lack of understanding,
Their lack of intimacy with poetry.
Feeling empathy with only those lines and lives,
which echo their own existence,
Unable to see the optimism,
the joy,
the hope,
in the words of another,
whose vantage point does not mirror their own.

Speak out,
you brave poets!
Bring another viewpoint,
other possibilities,
to a species begging for insight and passion.
Scream out,
my kindred spirits!

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
28 February 2013