Old People

Old people smell like toast.
Old people are the most,
Exceptional hosts.

Biscuits in the cupboard from years ago,
Milk that smells like old socks.
All the cheapest brands from the shops.

A sofa covered in cat hair,
Windows painted shut.
This might be salt in my tea.
Looking forward to your wake.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
06 January 2013


Under that blanket at ten,
When panic set in.
Unable to breathe,
Unable to move.
Beyond the suffocating barrier
Was laughter.
Unable to move,
Unable to speak.
He pulls back the blanket with laughter and a smile.

Now unable to rise from bed.
The blanket is thick and dark.
Been covered so long,
No more energy to fight.
Longing for the corner to be pulled back,
And to see his smiling face.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
06 January 2013


She stands alone in the darkness,
Listening to the crashing of the waves,
Which once were a path to hope.

Nearby is an island,
Once traded for beads in a canoe.
Now she watches shiploads of trinkets,
Being traded for a nation.

She hears them use the words of their fathers,
Words used to pacify at home and oppress abroad.
Their sounds bring memories,
Their elocutors bring shame.

They use the words of their fathers,
But these words long ago lost meaning.
Like the bones of princes long dead,
Draped in regal attire.
They parade decaying corpses.

Believing the stories told long ago,
They walk around believing themselves free,
When they are slaves of ignorance, greed and apathy.

Your words have changed,
from “liberty” and “vigilance”,
to “rights” and “entitlements”.
You marginalise those who
follow the ways of old,
and reward the keepers of the status quo.

Like all here,
I am an immigrant.
Once I was proud to call this “home”.
If now I had my liberty,
I would up-root,
I would seek a place which espoused the hopes of your fathers.

Your greatest days are ahead.
The blessings of poverty and despair will be yours.
Already in your midst,
Soon you will learn the hollowness of words,
The honour of actions.

Poverty will bring freedom,
Suffering will bring compassion,
Sense of superiority and entitlement
Replaced by humiliation and necessity.

Freedom is within,
She whispers.
Freedom without integrity and insight,
Is a bird without wings.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
05 January 2013

She stands on the corner

She stands on the corner,
looking at me.
Her penetrating eyes,
questioning, offering.
Nothing to give,
but herself.
She could be mother, sister, daughter.
She could be ridden with disease.

Is she so different to wife or girlfriend?
Do they not charge as well?
Perhaps she is more honest.
Standing there honestly,
offering her wares for sale.
No strings attached to this,
except perhaps a sexually transmitted disease.
Girlfriend, though, could also have this.

Doesn’t she deserve the respect of any business person?
Doesn’t she deserve the protection afforded to a banker, baker or accountant?

Some say her offer is dishonest,
but what man has not received an equally dishonest offer,
from one cherished?

She is beautiful,
she is honest,
she is generous.
Perhaps she will like it.
Perhaps I can give something back to her.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
07 January 2013


Shadows playing in the afternoon sun,
Movement of light across the horizon,
Spider settling in for a meal,
Puppy playing in the sun.

Never existing,
Never ending,

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
02 January 2013


Embracing the turmoil,
Selecting the grief.

Desirables considered deserved,
Undesirables lamented.
Embracing both.

Attaching emotion to events,
Indifferent events.

Ownership of all things.

I have chosen my pain,
Have you chosen yours?

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
02 January 2013


Keeper of secrets,
Separator of loved ones,
Denier of liberty,
Portal of confinement,
Symbol of distrust,
Encourager of greed,
Fore bearer of possessiveness,
Limiter of interaction,
Inhibitor of light.

Reflection of pettiness and instrument of isolation!
Creation of diseased imaginations!

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
02 January 2013


No one has ever taken the time to get to know me as you,
No one else will stay as long as an ounce of me remains.
You have worked through every part of me.
When everyone left, you stayed.
There were times when it was only us.
You have looked through my eyes,
You have shared in my meals.
Those who speak of relationships, never considered you.
Those who yearn for intimacy, could do worse than you.
I feel you now inside of me.
I am stuck in this prison,
You are not.
Yet you remain.
In this intimacy, I offer myself to you, worm.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
29 December 2012

The Ring

The overthrow of kingdoms conceived by a coffee cup,
The murder of monarchs planned by porcelain.
The collapse of currencies delivered by the handle.
The ring left on the coffee table.
Well played.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
29 December 2012

What Exists Below

In the depths of the Earth resides the remains,
Of pain and strife and agonies,
When atrocities and grief take place above,
They seep through the ground,
Like toxins through the skin.
The poisons seem to be gone from above,
But they coalesce below,
Bubbling, simmering, pressure building.

Fools think their actions have no results,
Our kind suffer,
Others who share this world suffer,
The Earth suffers.

The pressure builds,
As we go in blissful ignorance.
Much has been taken,
And much will be returned.

Boils arise on the surface,
Attempts to release what does not belong.
Like insects we build on shifting sand,
And abuse Terra when she refuses to do the bidding,
Of the pests which infect her flesh.

What we have created will come back to us.
The end of man is not the end of the World.

Gerald Lee Jordan
27 December 2012
Diamond Harbour NZ