Never found

Lone climber,
Moving along an unsteady ridge,
He will die alone,
Never found.

Thinking of his young daughter,
Her smiling face when he comes home,
Her eyes of wonder,
Tears fill his own.
He struggles on.

Imagining the sorrow of his wife,
Will she take long to move on,
And will he care for my child?
Fighting on.

The cold is too much.
He feels his body heat bleeding into the snow.
Fear takes hold,
Images of his frozen body on the mountain.
Never found.

So many that had been forgotten.
Lost chances,
Broken hearts,
Bitter memories.
The mind goes to unimagined places.
Remembering the boy he made cry,
When they were nine.
A tear runs down his face.
No time to make things right.

Fighting to get up.
Mind yearns to go on.
Body ready for the end.

He starts to feel warm now.
Sitting to rest.
Never found.


Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
03 March 2013