Andrew is in the corner,
Trying to hump a visitor.

John is standing at the front of the room,
Shouting at everyone,
Telling them they are worthless,
Spittle coming down his chin.

Mary and Rebecca are sitting together,
Gossiping about those around.

James is trying to reach into pockets,
To see what shiny coins he can take from the unsuspecting.

Matthew is looking around the room in disgust,
Feeling superior to all others.

Luke looks out the window,
At the families going past.
His thoughts are not suitable for mention here.

Paul is pulling the wings off bugs,
With a pocket full of victims.

Mark is hitting those in nearby seats,
Swinging his feet at them as well.

Only the most sick and demented are kept here,
Whose leader is a vicar, a priest or a minister.
At first glance it may seem that his job is to sedate,
But it is rather to promote the madness which has them confined here.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
19 February 2013