Hesitant to write

Sometimes you are so eager to write,
of a thought or image roaming through your head,
that you are afraid to approach it.
It feels so pure,
so beautiful –
you feel that you will not do it justice.
So you let it continue to work through your waking
and sleeping

The image I see is one which means much to me,
it is a moment shared with my son.
I want to share its joy,
its intensity,
but I move between feeling inadequate
and feeling that it is his and mine alone.

I know, though, that this should belong to all.
All things beautiful should be shared.

Perhaps tomorrow I will start on putting it in words,
but now,
I will go off to bed,
letting it wander the passes, trails and byways of my memory and mind.
It is mine.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
11 March 2013