Creation of a rainy Saturday afternoon,
Too wet to go outside and play,
Nothing better to do.
No thought that innocent games,
Could lead to so much gloom.

Just looking for an escape,
When there was nothing to do.
Creation of an under-developed mind.
What colour should we make its eyes?
What will be its favourite ice cream?
Where will it go,
When the lights go out?

Let’s make it like Daddy,
But living in a shoe box under the bed.
It snores throughout the day,
And eats cupcakes when I lay down my head.

It smells like the backs of windows,
On a rainy afternoon.
It has its own language,
With lots of butterfly sounds.

Let’s bury it in the back garden,
To see if tulips will bloom.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
11 February 2013