Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid,
It is coming for you,
It is coming for me.

It is the best friend you will ever have,
It will not lie to you,
It will not desert you,
It will not leave you in your time of need.

Feel it?
Feel its breath on your neck?
Feel its cold hand on your back?
It is very near now,
Watching you,

Taking pride in your accomplishments,
Laughing at your vanity.
It knows you better than you know yourself.
It has always been there.

You have sensed it on occasion,
Felt it looking into you,
Felt a chill down your spine.

It is coming for you,
Coming for me.
Take joy in its attentions.
Take joy in its affections.
It is coming.
It will never forget.

Take joy.
Relax into it,
Until it is too late.
Enjoy its cold embrace.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
13 February 2013