She stood in the laneway next to the library,
Screaming into the side of her bottled water,
Then putting it on her head and having a very animated discussion,
With beings unseen –
At least to the rest of us on the street.

A man walked swiftly past her,
With curious dog in tow.
A couple stopped across the street,
Stretching to see if perhaps there was someone initially unseen.
The shaking of heads,
Looks of scorn, disgust and pity.

Thought occurs –
Perhaps her conversation was no less valid,
Than the one taking place between a man and his phone.
Who is to say that a water bottle is any less a conversationalist.
Perhaps her recipient was no less attentive,
Than the dog to which the old man was talking.
Perhaps she looked at us with pity for being too mentally unstable,
To see the person who was actually beside her.

Life is assumptions,
Built upon assumptions,
And imperfect observations.

I hope she was able to resolve her conflict with her companion
and that they are able to enjoy another walk together soon.

[To the woman today, with her companion in Lyttelton.]

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
05 March 2013