Old people will tell you,
the most comfort comes not from love,
comes not from companionship,
but emanates from the cold,
methodical drone of routine.

Keep your excitement,
your thrills,
your desire for the unknown.
These do not compare to a hot coffee,
followed by toast,
each and every uneventful day.

Knowing where your feet fall from the bed,
into your old slippers there,
where you carefully left them the night before.

Going to the same diner,
where the same cook,
who knows your name,
gets your meal  –
right or wrong –
just the same,
every time.

Consistency can be depended upon,
unlike people.

In a world of chaos,
routine provides some semblance of order,
of structure,
of meaning,
of purpose.

You will understand,
given enough time –
and chaos.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Diamond Harbour NZ
22 February 2013