I am not a fan of labels – they tend to limit more than they clarify. I could fill this “about” page with lists of degrees, skills, experiences and similiar bullshit, but it would tell you nothing about my poetry. If you want to know me, read what I have to say. That is a better introduction to me than anything I could write here.

I am interested in manipulating language in a continuing effort to create something which inspires, provides insight or just helps us get through a few moments of this journey we call “life”. While I hope that something I create may be of interest to others, my primarily reason for writing is personal. I write because I enjoy it. I don’t write primarily for others. I don’t write to prop up my pocketbook or to build up the ego. My writing is something that brings me pleasure.

Gerald Lee Jordan

As you might guess from a perusal of this site, I am not a fan of poetry dealing with nature and similar topics. I am concerned with the human condition – pain, loss, mental instability, our ability to completely disregard and make others suffer – et cetera. If you are looking for happy poems about butterflies, this site is not for you.


Some of the content is my own and some includes quotations of poets and other writers whose work I admire. I hope that you find something of interest here.

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