Peaceful death

Is it really this simple?

Once a man believed it was,
nothing more than this.

A constant state of flux,
until death.

Never just existing.

Peace found only in death,
Where the distinguishing mind ends.

Peaceful death.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Collingwood NZ
31 January 2013


Her blood was splattered on the train.
She forgot to say “please” to the gentleman who demanded her purse.
People can be forgetful like that.

His glasses are shattered,
With shards embedded in one eye.
He forgot to duck when introduced to the carjacker.
People can be clumsy like that.

She is due any moment.
She forgot to request the rapist wear a condom.
People can be self absorbed like that.

Manners go a long way.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Collingwood NZ
31 January 2013


A consuming appetite,
A bowel sucking all sustenance,
Objects exist to be used,
Other as means,
Self as end.

Illusion of selflessness,
Reality of utilisation.

Comes to be desired as an abstraction.
Value is not in thing consumed,
But in the propaganda of love.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Collingwood NZ
31 January 2013


You leave the door open
And time has gotten in.
Buzzards have eaten the pie,
That was left on the window of sorrow.
The shoes next to the door,
Are covered in the mud of forgetfulness.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Collingwood NZ
31 January 2013

Finding the edge

Opening in space,
Edges of tomorrow,
Drops into the has been gones,
Leaving a shadow into the wee hours,
Expert guides cannot find the walls,
Of the ground from which all tomorrows arise.

Spoke to the blind man on the porch,
Where is the golden corn,
Which sticks in the teeth,
A bushel isn’t enough,
To keep the walls from closing in.

Gerald Lee Jordan
Collingwood NZ
30 January 2013